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Six Apps That Will Save You Money

Six Apps That Will Save You Money

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Like many other people, I’m never more than a few feet away from my phone. I spend hours on various apps like Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp and the thought of losing my phone makes my heart skip a beat.  

But it’s not only time sucking, meme loving apps that I use. Recently there has been a surge in apps created with money saving in mind, and I am LOVING how easy it’s becoming to spend less. Here are a few of my favourite money-saving apps.  


As the name suggests Topcashback is an app that rewards customers with cashback for spending through their site. You simply search on the app for a retailer you’d like to shop with, use the “select cashback” button which takes you to the retailers website and then shop as normal. There are 5,000 different retailers you can save money with, my favourites being Topshop, ASOS and The amount you have saved will show up in your Earnings section, which will then be available to withdraw once the retailer has confirmed the purchase. It’s worth noting that this can sometimes take a couple of months, so it’s best not to view this as a quick money making scheme! I religiously used this app whilst I was travelling around South America, booking the majority of our accommodation as well as a couple of flights and we received over £250 back in cashback!  

Airtime Rewards 

I was so happy when I found out about Airtime Rewards. I honestly can’t believe it hasn’t been around for longer! It works by linking your bank account to your phone provider. Every time you spend at a selected retailer, for example Boots, Argos or Topshop, you’ll be rewarded a cashback amount which you can then use to pay your phone bill! My phone contract is only £12 a month, so I’m finding some months I have nothing left to pay! They currently only have 80 retailers on board, but to me it’s all about quality over quantity. Once you sign up to the app it automatically recognises every time you spend, so your involvement in getting money back is minimal!  

Latest Deals 

The Latest Deals website has been around for a while, but they have just launched a section on their app called Supermarket Comparison. The app compares prices of items available from the big high street supermarkets and can save you tonnes of money if used properly. If you buy roughly the same things every week for your food shop and have multiple supermarkets in close proximity, then this is a great way to save some money. London has a huge selection of supermarkets all within walking distance, so I don’t mind popping into Tesco, Sainsburys and the Co-op if it’s going to save me £15 a week (OR £780 a year!) 

Tail App  

This one is great for Londoners on the hunt for money off meals and drinks. All you need to do is connect the app to your bank account, turn on the location settings and sit back while it finds hundreds of restaurants and bars offering cashback! Tail offers discounts from classic restaurants like Bella Italia and Café Rouge, but also from hundreds of smaller independent restaurants. The first time I used the app I visited The Big Chill in Kings Cross. I paid £10 for two beers and received £5 in my Monzo account a week later. Winning!  

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Google Maps  

Now I’m sure everyone here will have heard of Google Maps, but my favourite function on the app is the download offline function. Downloading the app to use offline means you avoid any hefty data charges that you may incur when you’re spending hours navigating around new places. I have the whole of London downloaded (yep I still don’t know my way around), and I’ll make sure I download any new cities I’m visiting, especially if I’m hiring a car and need sat-nav directions!  

Too Good To Go 

And lastly, how about an app that saves you money and helps with food waste? Restaurants all around the capital notify the Too Good To Go when they have any food left at the end of the day. You can then offer to pick up the food at a discounted rate. The last time I used the app I paid £2.99 for a collection from a bakery, and received an insane amount of goodies – from pastries to pizzas.  

And there you have it, six apps that will help you save money! I’m sure apps like this will keep cropping up, so I’ll make sure I keep testing and reporting anything I find! If you know of any other great money saving apps that I’ve missed here, please let me know in the comments below!  

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