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When I began taking my finances more seriously, I played around with lots of different ways of managing my money. I bought cute notebooks, post it notes, printed sheets out from the internet, and spent hours devising methods for tracking my spending. Ultimately though, it was excel that worked best for me.

I now like to keep track of my finances (and life lol) by using a variety of different excel planners. Whether I’m setting a monthly budget, or planning what meals I’m eating that week, I find that having it all laid out on excel really helps me to stay organised!

I would now LOVE to share a couple of my favourite planning spreadsheets with you, for FREE! 

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If you don’t have much experience with excel, the sheets have been auto-populated meaning you won’t need to play around with any tricky formulas! If you have any questions, or need help with the planners then please feel free to contact me through DMs on InstagramTwitterFacebook, or my email:

Free Budget Planner 

In this free planner you’ll learn how to track your income, outgoings and savings. You’ll find four different tabs. Tab 1 is a simple budget planner, through to tab 4 which has a high level of detail. As you work your way through the tabs your budget will increase in complexity and detail, from a top line budget, to splitting your budget out into categories, to tracking your monthly spend. Eventually you’ll get to the last tab which shows how your budget compares to the famous 50/30/20 budgeting method. Use this planner to see where your money is going, instead of wondering where it went.

Free Meal Planner  – Coming Soon!

I have created this weekly meal planner to help speed up your shopping trips, reduce the costs of your food bill and generally make your life easier! Simply add a list of your favourite meals, the ingredients you need, and let excel auto populate your shopping list for the week! SEE ALSO

Keep an eye out on this section for any upcoming planners I have released, or if you have any specific planners you’d like me to create for you then please get in touch!

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