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Six Cheap Eats In Buenos Aires

Six Cheap Eats In Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city in Argentina. Much like London, the capital has a huge variety of cheap eats. My boyfriend and I stayed in Buenos Aires for two weeks, during our six month trip around South America, so got plenty of chances to explore all the best restaurants on offer. The exchange rate in Argentina is constantly fluctuating – but during our time there we were able to eat at these places for less than £5 each!  A total bargain in my eyes!

Here is a list of my favourite cheap eats in Buenos Aires! 

Don Necito  

This Argentinian steakhouse located in the Palermo district is definitely one of the best cheap eats in Buenos Aires. We really enjoyed eating here – so much so we ended up eating here twice during our two week trip. It’s not the fanciest looking place, far from it! But what it lacks in design, it completely makes up for in taste and ambience. We managed to get a seat at the bar, directly in front of the fiery charcoal grill. The perfect spot to watch all the juicy steaks cooking away. We ordered a range of things off the menu, including Entrana, ½ Bife, Provoleta cheese, fries and ofc a bottle of red wine. After the meal, we asked for the bill and were amazed by the price! So much meat, for such little money!  


I’d never heard of a Choripan before visiting Buenos Aires, but I was definitely familiar with them by the time we left! A choripan, or chori for short, isn’t far off a British staple; the sausage sandwich! The classic chori consists of crusty bread, Argentine chorizo sausage and lashings of chimichurri sauce. Delicious! The aptly named “Chori” was one of our favourite lunch spots during our time in BA and I am not ashamed to say we ate here 3 days in a row. Partly because it was right near our accommodation, but also because we just HAD to try all of the different flavours! This place was the perfect cheap eat. Great for lunch, a quick snack, or even for takeaway!  


Fried chicken was something we hadn’t eaten much of during our first few months in South America. This meant we were really craving chicken by the time we arrived at Nola! The restaurant describes itself as having “Cajun New Orleans flavours”, and serves huge fried chicken sandwiches, waffles, nuggets and Gumbo! I particularly loved the atmosphere in this restaurant. It felt super laid back, had great music, was frequented by what looked like local students, and had unbelievable prices!  

La Cocina 

If you’ve been in South America for a while, then chances are you’ll have had your fair share of Empanadas! I became a littttle bit obsessed with eating these delicious meat and vegetable filled pasties during my time in the continent. So much so that I would now consider myself a suitable empanada judge! The empanadas at La Cocina are not only incredible value for money, but they are beyond delicious! From memory there were eight different fillings you could choose from, but we went for a classic carne picante (spicy meat), the Locro (corn and meat stew) and the Pikachu (cheese and hot sauce). The wine, which is served in small beakers, is also delicious and at the time cost less than £1. We visited at 11am, yet could not resist trying some!  

La Mezzetta  

I’d heard big things about La Mezzetta and their huge cheesy pizzas before we arrived in Argentina. But wow did I underestimate how BIG and CHEESY these pizzas would be. This place is a casual pizzeria, with similar vibes to a British chippy. As you arrive you’ll notice a long queue, circling throughout the interiors. There are no tables in this place, just a ledge along one side of the restaurant where you can place your pizza to feast on. Most people take away, but we decided to eat in to truly experience this place. My one word of advice about this place, do not order a whole pizza. We ordered a whole pizza (instead of the slice, like most other people) and barely got through a third of it!  

See Also

La Choripaneria  

I know what you’re thinking, another place that sells Choripans making it onto this list!? But yes, choripans are THE food of Buenos Aires which meant this joint could not be missed off! Located in Mercado San Telmo, a food and antiques market in downtown BA, this restaurant is recognisable by the huge crowds of people waiting to be seated. The beer served here is also well priced – and with its location in the centre of San Telmo serves as the perfect place to end your day of walking and exploring!  

And there we have it, my six favourite cheap eats in Buenos Aires! But I’m not quite finished yet…. I could not leave this post without mentioning another restaurant I visited.

Don Julio

Don Julio is an Argentine steak restaurant ranked number 33 on a list of The Worlds Best Restaurants! The steak here is honestly out of this world – easily the best (and biggest!) steak I’ve ever eaten. It’s more expensive than the other restaurants listed here, but well worth the extra money! To make sure you get a table I’d advise booking months in advance. If you don’t have months then you could do what we did… queue up outside one hour before the restaurant opens and hope they let you in! No visit to Buenos Aires would be complete without a visit!

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