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How To Spend Less Money On Clothes

How To Spend Less Money On Clothes

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I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic, but I would say that Fashion plays a huge role in my life. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over 6 years, as a merchandiser for Urban Outfitters and ASOS, during which time I’ve been constantly surrounded by products showing off the latest trends and styles.

As someone who tries to stick to a small budget, this constant reminder of all the new clothes on offer has been challenging at times! However, over the years I have found lots of little ways that I can buy into these fast fashion trends, without spending huge amounts! Good for my wardrobe, and my wallet! Here are some of my favourite methods showing you how to save money shopping.  


Depop is an incredible app that lets you buy and sell second hand clothing. I’ve been a big fan of using the app to sell my unwanted clothes for years, but am only recently exploring all the brands that are available to buy. The app offers a huge variety of vintage clothes, from retro tees to old football shirts, but they also have a large number of well-known brands. My favourite brand on Depop is Never Fully Dressed, who sell all of their clothes samples at a discounted price. If you’re after luxury brands for less, then Depop is also a great place to start. Accounts like Chanel Vintage sell real designer bags for a fraction of the price – a great way to spend less on shopping!  

Use Cashback sites 

Cashback sites are one of the easiest ways to spend less money on clothes. Shop through sites like Topcashback, who offer a small % of your total spend to be paid back into your account the following month. As I’m writing this post, ASOS has 11% cashback, Boohoo has 10% and New Look has 6% – saving money on fashion couldn’t be any easier!

If you’re new to Topcashback then I have a referral link HERE!

Airtime Rewards is another cashback company that I love. Link your bank account to their app, and whenever you spend at one of the selected retailers you will receive points that can then be used in exchange for money off your phone bill!  

If you’re new to Airtime Rewards then use the code KVVX74YB when you sign up to get free credit!

(If you want to find out about other great apps that save you money, then read the article linked here)

Chrome Extensions 

Chrome Extensions make searching for voucher codes an absolute breeze. My favourite extension for saving money on clothes is Honey. Simply search on google for the extension, download it to your computer and then wait for it to find you all the best voucher codes! If you’re a big online shopper then this is a great way to spend less money clothes, along with a huge range of other items that you wouldn’t normally associate with voucher codes!  

New Customer Offers 

Go onto a retailers website and you’ll often find that they offer a small incentive to sign up to their newsletter – take note of this and if you’ve already signed up using one email address, think about signing up with another! Topshop currently have 15% off if you sign up to their newsletter! A great way to save money on shopping!

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Shop out of season 

I know it can be tempting to shop the New In section of retailers, but often you’ll find pieces just as nice in retailers out of season sections. On ASOS search through ASOS Outlet, or on Zara look for the Special Prices section (note: they don’t make this one that easy to find!) It goes without saying that buying during sale is also a great way to get products for less – just make sure you’re not buying something simply because it has a high discounted rate!  

H&M recycling scheme  

I love all of the brands that sit under the H&M umbrella (Arket, Weekday, Cos, &Otherstories), one reason being the great schemes they have to recycle old clothes. If you take a bag of unwanted clothes into any of these stores, they’ll offer a small reward for you to spend on your next purchase. Take into H&M and you’ll get a £5 voucher per bag, take into Arket, &Other Stories or Weekday and you’ll get a voucher for 10% off!  

Sample sales  

Now I’m not huge on luxury goods, but if you are then sample sales can be a fantastic way to get this seasons latest items for a hugely reduced price! I’m signed up to emails from Chicmi, a site with a fashion calendar listing all upcoming sample sales, although simply googling London sample sales is also great for finding out about the latest events.  

All of these options can be a great way to spend less money on clothes, but it’s also important to ask yourself why you’re buying something. We all fall into the impulse spending trap, so I really believe in setting myself a 24 hour rule before I buy anything. If I’m still thinking about that new bag, or pair of shoes after 24 hours (or even a week if I’m being really strict with myself!)  then I know that I really, really want it! Thinking about the cost per wear, if I have anything else in my wardrobe that is similar, or if I can actually afford it also really helps me to buy well! 

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