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The Seven Best Recipes On Instagram RN

The Seven Best Recipes On Instagram RN

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Where’s the first place you’ll eat out once lockdown has ended? A question I’ve seen posted all over Instagram and Twitter lately. People have been reminiscing about all of the great food they used to eat, in all of the great restaurants we are no longer able to visit. I’m missing eating out a lot more than I thought I would, and can’t wait to get back to the London food scene once it’s safe to do so.

In the mean time, we have to settle for recreating our favourite dishes at home in the form of fakeaways! Some restaurants have been taking to Instagram to produce home cooking videos, showing the nation how to cook a whole host of dishes. Others have uploaded recipes to Instagram for followers to copy. Here are some of my favourite recipes, from some of my favourite restaurants.


Wagamama is easily one of my favourite places to eat out, and to say I’ve missed their Katsu Curry is an understatement. Wags have been posting videos detailing how to make everything from Chicken and Prawn Yaki Soba to Bang Bang Cauliflower. Two dishes I’m sure I’ll be making time and time again. Head over to their Instagram page to view the series of recipes and videos called “Wok From Home”.  


I love Leon for a number of reasons, but I tend to eat here when I want good/ healthy fast food.  There’s something about their Smashed Avo and Halloumi burger that really gets my juices flowing. Their Instagram has been full of initiatives helping people through lockdown, including one post which showed followers how to make their Lentil Masala. The ingredients list here looks surprisingly long, but the dish is actually super easy to make.

Did you know, if you sign up to the Leon Loves club you’ll get access to tonnes of regular offers and treats, including a FREE MEAL!  


For those not lucky enough to live near a Nando’s open for delivery, their Instagram has come to the rescue with a variety of posts listing how to make a classic Nando’s meal. From Boneless Chicken Thighs to Spicy Rice, to Macho Peas they’ve got you covered!


Dishoom is a huge contender as one of London’s most popular restaurants. They have recently started sharing some incredible recipes on their Instagram account. Choose from the Masala Chai, Haleem or freshly baked Naans, for a little slice of Bombay in your home. If you love these recipes, Dishoom also has a hugely popular cookbook that you can buy here

Yo Sushi  

You may not be able to recreate Yo Sushi perfectly at home (unless your kitchen comes with its own conveyor belt) but you can now find out how to make their delicious Gyozas from home. Follow the link in their Instagram bio for the recipe. You can even tag your creations with the hashtag #myYOgyoza for a chance to win a £50 gift voucher!  

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I always find that burgers are one of the hardest things to recreate from home. There’s a skill in cooking burgers that I just do not possess. And let’s not even talk about what happens when you try and get a burger delivered! To help make your burgers a little more delicious, GBK have released a range of recipes for their burger sauces. Head to their Instagram page to have a go at making the perfect garlic mayo dip. If you’re a cheesy burger fan, then I can recommend the Blue Cheese dip recipe.

Pizza Pilgrims  

A slightly different idea here, but Pizza Pilgrims have released a pizza kit delivery service that is available to buy Nationwide. Order the kit and receive enough dough, cheese, tomato, herbs and oils to make two Margherita pizzas. Sounds delicious, right!? If you want a helping hand with cooking, then their head chef talks you through the instructions on their Instagram page. 

There we have it, seven great restaurants all offering up their recipes on Instagram for completely free! Let me know if you’re tempted to make any of these dishes in the comments below!

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