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Ten Ways You Can Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

Ten Ways You Can Get Fit Without Going To The Gym


If there is one thing that lockdown may have taught me, it’s that there are hundreds of ways you can exercise for free. Companies all over the world are finding innovative ways to offer free classes, and I am personally loving it. Yes, you may have a little less space to exercise, but on the plus side… you’re saving time by not travelling to the gym, you don’t feel the need to buy new fancy gym gear, and you could be saving yourself as much as £50 a month! How’s that for keeping physically AND financially fit!

1. Sweaty Betty

The super lovely active-wear brand Sweaty Betty have an incredible “workouts and well being” section on their website.  The content is split into sections offering free at home workouts, articles and interviews on self-care,  favourite recipes and podcasts. If you’re reading this and the lockdown has been lifted, they also have a studio on Carnaby Street in London, which hosts free daily workouts! You will be able to book your session through their website when they’re running again.

2. Lululemon

Another beautiful activewear brand; Lululemon also have a similar idea, offering content on their website which allows you to exercise for free. They have an online community where you can access home workouts, mindfulness practices and a variety of yoga classes ranging between 20 – 60 minutes. I’d advise subscribing to their YouTube channel to get the most out of their free classes. After lockdown – follow them on Facebook to be notified of their latest London events – including a very popular running club.

3. Couch To 5K

If you think running is the kind of exercise you could get into, then download the Couch to 5K app. The aim of the app is to get beginner runners from their couch to running 5K in only 9 weeks. The app involves three runs a week, with a day of rest in between. With no apparent end to our lockdown situation, there’s no better time to give it a go!

4. The NHS

We all know how great the NHS are (National Hero Service for sure) but not many people are aware of the free exercise classes they offer on their website. If you’re new to Yoga then I can highly recommend the Vinyasa Flow class – simply search for NHS Yoga on google to find the videos. They also have aerobic classes, strength and resistance videos, as well as pilates. The videos they use comes from a website called Instructor Live. If you visit the Instructor Live website you will see that you’ll need a membership to access any more videos, but at £9 a month for an unlimited plan which includes over 800 workouts, this may be a better option than paying for a gym membership.

5. Instagram

My text tip could be a little short lived, so it depends when you are reading this, but there are so many people offering free exercise classes on Instagram at the moment. Some of the most popular accounts seem to be; Barry’s who do abs and glute classes, Seen On Screen who are all about exercising through dance routines, FLY LDN who have  yoga and barre classes and Kobox who have some seriously sweaty boxing classes. With any luck all of these videos will remain on Youtube for free viewing whenever it suits you best!

In an effort to not focus this solely on our current situation I have also listed some great places you can exercise for free when the lockdown has lifted. There really is no excuse to go back to your expensive gym membership!

6. Adidas

I mentioned using Facebook to be notified of Lululemon classes, but you can also use it to book free women only classes with Adidas. You’ll just need to follow them, where you will then be sent a message through Facebook Messenger about any up coming classes you’d like to join. Classes range from Yoga and Pilates, to 5ks and are held throughout the week near Brick Lane.

7. Park Run

If you’d like to exercise in a group, where you have the opportunity to meet other people in a completely pressure free environment, then I would really recommend Park Run. Every week Park Runs are held all over the country. If you decide to run on a Saturday then you’ll be covering a distance of 5K. Sunday’s are open to children between the ages of 4 and 14, covering a smaller distance of 2K. You’ll need to visit their website to register, and make sure you’ve printed out your barcode before you join in.

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8. Event Brite

I’m a big fan of Eventbrite, and all of the free events that they advertise. Free exercise classes are common on the page, and you’ll often find something a little different on there. Either use the search feature to find upcoming classes, or set up email notifications. The filter on the left hand side for “free” is particularly handy!

9. Friday Night Skate

Here is one way you can exercise for free that is definitely a little different. Every Friday at 8pm join the London Friday Night Skate for a free skate around the city.  You will need your own skates, so only invest in this option if you’re likely to keep it up!

10. Pure Gym

If you’ve read all of this and you think that you still need the motivational pressures a gym can bring, then consider some of the cheaper gyms available. I was a member of Pure Gym for a few years, and while you won’t be given towels or shampoo in the showers, it was good enough! Opting for a gym with a no contract policy, and free classes will help keep costs to a minimal.

So here we have it, ten ways you can exercise for free. I’m exhausted just writing this list, let alone actually doing any of the exercises!

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