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How To Get Free Money (Woo)

How To Get Free Money (Woo)

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Refer a friend schemes are becoming one of the most normal ways for new companies to promote their products. They work by getting existing customers to advertise their products or services, in return for a small cash incentive. This marketing method is so popular because, well, who doesn’t love free money?

Below I’ve listed some of my favourite companies that offer refer a friend schemes. It’s worth noting here that I’ll receive a small sum of money for anyone that signs up using my referral links. If you have friends that already use these products, feel free to check in with them first to see if they have codes you can use instead!

Monzo – Free £5

Monzo is an online bank that has tonnes of innovative features – including ways to budget, save and send money. Sign up by clicking on the button below, and receive a free £5 when you spend on your card for the first time. This refer a friend scheme worked so well for Monzo that the rules have changed slightly, and now only the new user will receive £5!

Airbnb – Free £25

Airbnb is one of my favourite sites to book accommodation through – I find the options available are often more modern, and the whole booking process is extremely easy. If you don’t have an account with Airbnb yet, follow the link below and receive £25 off your first trip. I’ll also receive £15 for every person that completes a trip using the link below!

Quidco – Free £10

Quidco is one of the UK’s best paying cashback and voucher code sites. I think it’s an incredible way to get cashback from hundreds of different brands including ASOS, H&M and New Look! Sign up using my referral link below and we’ll both get a free £10.

Airtime Rewards – Free 50p

Okay so this one is only a 50p reward, but it’s free money nonetheless! Airtime Rewards is an app that connects to your bank account and tracks when you spend at selected retailers. You’ll then receive cashback which can be used towards paying your phone bill. Enter the code KVVX74YB when signing up to get your free money. 50p will also be credited to my account.

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Qmee – Free 50p

Qmee is a chrome extension that pays you to search, shop and take surveys. Again this referral won’t make you rich, but every little helps! Sign up using the link below and 50p will be credited to your account.

Three – Up to £40

I’m a huge fan of the Three network and have been a very happy customer for the last couple of years. As someone who loves to travel abroad, the free roaming charges are worth every penny of my contract. If you’re looking for a new phone, or a new sim only deal, then click on the link below and depending on what product you buy, you’ll receive some cash back. As I’m writing this there’s an £80 referral reward for anyone that purchases a Samsung S10 through my link – you’ll be credited £40, as will I.

I hope you’ve found this list useful. As always I’ll keep an eye out for any other ways to get free money and will update the list as and when!

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