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Five Best Pizzas In London

Five Best Pizzas In London

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What’s round, tasty and great value for money…? You guessed it – all of the pizzas in this “Five best pizzas in London” list!  

You may think that all pizzas places are virtually the same, but I’ve found they all have their own little quirks. From interesting decor to unusual flavours, choosing my favourite five was a v difficult task. So in no particular order, here they are:

Pizza Union 

If you’re looking for a super quick meal out with your friends, then Pizza Union is the place to go. As you approach the Kings Cross branch you’ll notice an orderly queue forming right up to the door. It’s always packed, but that’s a part of its charm. The queue goes down quickly, so arrange for one of you to grab a table while the others wait to order. The cheapest thing on the menu is the 12″ Margherita pizza at the bargain price of £3.95. All the pizzas can be customised by adding your own toppings, although I normally order the Pepperoni at £5.95. You’re given a buzzer, which alerts you when your “Fire baked roman style” pizza is ready to collect. While you’re waiting enjoy sipping on one of the chains delicious cocktails – I can confirm that the Frozen Raspberry Mojito is delicious, and an absolute steal at £3.50 

Locations: Kings Cross, Spitafields, Dalston, Hoxton, Aldgate 

Takeaway: Yes  

Lost Boys Pizza 

Now you might think the following sentence is a little strange, but I kid you not, Lost Boys Pizza is a vampire themed Pizzeria. The small but friendly restaurant offers a great selection of Charcoal based pizzas, with a variety of interesting vegan and meaty toppings. My favourite pizza on the menu is the “Have you seen laddie” which is Parma ham, rocket and sundried tomatoes. Prices range from £8.50 to £12, which is a little more expensive than some of the other options, however their unusual flavours and interesting décor soon make up for this.  

Locations: Archway, Camden 

Takeaway: Yes 

Crust Bros  

Wood fired pizza? Check. Amazing ingredients? Check. Daily Instagram offer for a £6 pizza? Check! This fun restaurant in Waterloo is perfect for an after work get together. Located a few minutes away from the Tube and next to the popular Bar Elba, you’re sure to have a fun evening here. As the name suggests, the crust is the most important part of the pizza here, and to make sure it’s 10/10 delicious they leave the dough to rise for up to 48 hours! You’ll notice when you see the menu that you’re supposed to design your own pizza, choosing from a variety of sauces, proteins and cheeses. The best thing about this restaurant however, is their daily Instagram deal. Every day they post on their stories which pizza flavour is on offer – all you have to do is show the server that you follow Crust Bros on Instagram and have seen their latest story.  An easy contender for the best pizzas in London list!

Location: Waterloo 

Takeaway: Yes 


This small little pizzeria, located in North London, has a lovely romantic feel to it. The décor is rustic whilst cosy, and I basically want all of their candles, plates and glasses for my own home. Prices range from £7 to £10, although there is a great little trick which means you can order one for less. If you arrive at the restaurant between 5-7pm, the cost of the pizza is set at the time you arrived! This offer named Beat The Clock, means if you’re quick you can blag a pizza for only £5! A Camden larger, aka the perfect companion to a pizza, can also be bought for only £2.60. Easily one of the best pizzas in London.

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Location: Archway 

Takeaway: Yes 


ICCO is definitely not a fancy restaurant, but they do serve great pizzas, at even greater prices. The diner style pizzeria has pizzas that are perfect for sharing at lunch, or after you’ve had a few beers. Marinara is the cheapest pizza on offer at £3.95, whilst the Pesto Pizza is the most expensive at £8.50. My personal favourite is the Capricosa (ham, mushrooms, black olives mozzarella and tom sauce), with the four cheese pizza coming a close second. If you download the ICCO app, you will also receive an offer for 50% off your next Pizza – meaning you could get a pizza for LESS THAN TWO POUNDS!  

Location: Goodge Street, Mornington Crescent 

Takeaway: Yes 

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There we have it. The five best pizzas in London as voted for by me! If you visit any of these places then please let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear what you thought of them!

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